Sara did some amazing work for me. We had a short time to get my house in order to sell.  I had 34 years of stuff and she managed to still get the house in order. I sold my house within a week or so. Sara was such a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to everyone. As a matter of fact I would like her to come back to help me pack with the move, she’s truly amazing”.

Karen G

“Being a senior with a brain injury, it was difficult for me to organizing my space, make decisions about what I needed to keep or get rid of before I moved. Sara was very patient with me and helped me figure things out. She kept things moving along when I got stuck and we took breaks when I felt overwhelmed. She gave me homework, things I could do on my own and we even had some good laughs. I recommend Sara, she really knows her stuff and made my life a lot easier, especially by bringing the packing supplies”.

Gail G.

“My pantry was a mess and I needed help. I called Sara who was very professional and asked me questions so she would know exactly what I needed. We scheduled a day and it was amazing.  I had so many duplicates of items because I couldn’t find them so I would buy more! The service included going to 2 different shops to find the right products for organizing. Sara’s system is fantastic. I now have a pantry that looks great and is easy to maintain, and know exactly what I have.”

Heather G.

“I live and work in my home and sometimes things get a bit hectic and I don’t get to organize as often as I’d like.  I met with Sara and felt comfortable that she could help me sort through my belongings to decide what I really needed to keep or could offload.  She made some great suggestions, encouraged me to move forward and helped me implement organizing systems, all without any judgement.  I now have 2 spaces which I’ve reclaimed and made tidy and fresh.  I would highly recommend Sara, she’s professional and trustworthy.  I’ve already recommended her to some of my friends”.

Doris J.

“My husband and I decided to sell our house, and knew it will look better being clean and organized. Sara’s fantastic systems helped us sort through our belongings to decide what to keep, donate, recycle, discard and pack away.  I was concerned I would be overwhelmed, but Sara encouraged us to move forward, take breaks when necessary and kept things light – all without any judgement.  Toward the end, my husband and I were actually having fun, reminiscing and feeling good about our choices.  Our linen closet became tidy, organized and beautiful. Sara took it from chaos to fabulous in no time at all, and it wasn’t a painful process! I keep opening the closet door every time I walk past it. Thank you so much, Sara! I love what you did!”

Amanda M.

“I had a life altering stroke and was in a rehab hospital and realized I had to move into an accessible apartment. Sara visited me in the hospital and made all the arrangements to pack my apartment, with a crew, while I convalesced. She came highly recommended by my cousin, but I was very nervous about a crew of people in my apartment without me being there. After spending time with Sara, I felt comfortable with her. She explained all the details and the costs, up front and made an effort to keep in touch with me during the process.” They packed my place up and everything was clearly labeled so that when I moved into my new place, it was easy to find my belongings. I definitely recommend Sara, she was very honest and helped make a very difficult situation easier”.

Margret M.